The Pill without a prescription?


Continuing on from our last blog post where we discussed the accessibility of oral contraceptive pills to young adolescent girls, today’s agenda will cover the overall accessibility of the pill in Australia.

Since 2012 the National Health (continued dispensing) determination act has allowed the contraceptive pill to be made available for emergencies over-the-counter without a prescription. To test this out I went to the pharmacy and asked them if I could buy a pack of oral contraceptives (I haven’t had prescription nor spoken to a doctor about oral contraceptives in almost 2 years). And surely enough, after a few questions that I could easily navigate around with a few lies, I was offered a fresh pack. This is disturbing. What if I suffered from severe migraines? What if I had high blood pressure? What if I was pregnant?

If you are on the contraceptive pill it is IMPERATIVE that you attend regular check ups and answer honestly to the questions asked by your GP. They can gauge whether you’re at risk of developing any harmful side effects and prevent further health risks, that is why it is so important that the pill remains regulated and not made as accessible as a pack of tic tacs.

Let us hear your thoughts on the accessibility of oral contraceptive pills in the comment section, our Twitter or Facebook page. Should they be made over-the-counter or more regulated?


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