Natural lifestyle changes to treat your PCOS

PCOS symptom relief alternatives to The Pill
Instead of popping pills charged with synthetic hormones everyday, opt for more sustainable alternatives, such as changes to your diet, essential oils and perhaps acupuncture.

    Instead of resorting to prescription pills, focus on lifestyle changes, which can improve PCOS symptoms. For instance, this list provides the do’s and don’t for controlling your PCOS.

    – alcohol
    – nicotine
    – caffeine
    – sugar
    – processed foods
    – dairy products
    as they cause inflammation

    – broccoli
    – cabbage
    – kale
    – brussel sprouts
    – celery
    – cucumber
    – lettuce
    – spinach
    – radishes
    as they are good for managing estrogen levels
    – nuts
    – seeds
    – sprouts
    – spirulina
    – legumes
    – beans
    as they are plant-based protein good for keeping your blood sugar, weight and hormones under control

    Geranium oil
    will help you with your exhaustion and releases the correct amount of hormones into your body.Lavender oil
    will help you relax and decrease the chances of you developing PCOS-related depression
    There have been numerous studies that prove the benefit of acupuncture for treating PCOS. In the 2321 cases of PCOS studied, it has been found that acupuncture is just as effective as Western medicine in managing PCOS symptoms. Research found that acupuncture, as well as acupuncture combined with Chinese herbal medicines, are helpful in in reducing PCOS effects on the body such as insulin resistance, testosterone and weight!

If you have any other solutions to relieving PCOS symptoms sound off in the comment section and encourage women to research alternatives to the oral contraceptive pill.


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