Welcome to Tbh The Pill

We are a community of gal pals who share our experiences and questions about being on hormonal contraceptives or better known as ‘the pill’. As of late, the media has been sensationalising the benefits of ‘the pill’, claiming it reduces the risk of cancer and will assist with population control in developing countries. Although these may be positive outcomes, they have led to the lack of awareness to the pill’s adverse side effects such as blood clotting, hair loss, migraines, liver tumours and depression. With the pill as Australia’s #1 contraceptive method, this is extremely worrying as these effects can be life threatening. It is an unacceptable risk that society has normalised.

As a non-profit organisation we aim to raise awareness to the negative side effects of oral contraceptive pills. We want women to have a holistic understanding of the pill’s adverse effects so that they can weigh out the risk of using oral contraceptive pills against its perceived benefits (prevent unplanned pregnancy, reduce acne, regular periods etc.). Since the Continued Dispensing of PBS Medicines Act in 2012, that allows women to access oral hormonal contraceptives without a prescription, our cause has become increasingly more pertinent to the wellbeing of young women. The increase of the pill’s accessibility has given women the impression that regular health check ups and monitoring while on the pill are unnecessary. This is WRONG.

How many more young women need to die before society realises that the pill poses the potential of serious and at times life-threatening complications? Women as young as 16, have died from taking the pill. Women have a RIGHT to know exactly what is happening to their body under the influence of oral contraceptive pills and understand ALL the potential effects of its use.

Share your experience or questions with us on our Facebook or Twitter page and help raise awareness to the pill’s serious side effects #tbh.

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